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  • Brand Upon the Brain
    Brand Upon the Brain

    Directed by Guy Maddin
    Year of production : 2006
    Running Time: 90 minutes
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    “One of the years 10 best films.” - The New York Times

    While father performed mysterious experiments in the lighthouse basement, Gu and his sister lived upstairs within the family run orphanage under the all-seeing, protective gaze of mother. Years later, upon returning to his childhood home, Guy plunges into repressed memories of a bizarre series of events involving strange marks on the orphans' heads, and the brother and sister detective team sent to uncover the mystery. Narrated by Isabella Rossellini, this homage to silent cinema is a ninety-minute plunge into the vast cinematic fever dream of Winnipeg native Guy Maddin.

    Special Features
    - Footsteps Upon the Brain!: Foley artists on location for live performances in Berlin and Mexico City
    - Brand Impressions: A behind-the-scenes look at the directorial process shot and edited by multimedia artist Peter Conheim
    - Alternative Narration Tracks: Guy Maddin, Louis Negin
    - Interview with Director Guy Maddin from CBC's "The Hour"

    Brand Upon the Brain was shot on Super 8mm and transferred to HD for editing and mastering. The correct aspect ratio is 1.78.1 non-anamorphic.

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